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  1. Within this wide video platform called Theta, users are constantly rewarded. Users watching or sharing videos will be rewarded with Theta coins. In this way, the use of Theta is expanded.
  2. Theta coins can be shared among video publishers.
  3. Videos can be watched in high-quality thanks to their high-income source. With Theta, it became possible to watch uninterrupted and high-quality videos without internet connection problems.
  4. Thanks to Theta coins, the Theta system generates a high income. Therefore, the transactions carried out within the system have been designed in a way that does not require high cost.
  5. Theta coins can be stored in Theta wallets. Suitable wallet platforms can be searched for.
  6. Theta tokens were generated by the ERC-20 protocol.
  7. Using a fully open-source coding system, Theta allows developers to contribute to the system.
Which is Turkey's largest Bitcoin exchange and THETA be informed about the work that Thodex as altcoin. You can contact Thodex: +902129090312

Are you ready to meet the video-sharing platform that is produced with completely new generation technologies? Theta is a highly secure video sharing platform established using Blockchain technology. Content protected by end-to-end encryption is shared so that it does not depend on any center. It is known that approximately 870 million of the identified one billion coins are actively circulating. There are many video platforms on the internet in general. While coin was being established, we could say that the shortcomings of these video platforms were tried to be solved. People who want to get more information about what is Theta can read the rest of our article.

How To Buy Theta Token? 

Do you wonder how to buy Theta Token? Token can be won by collecting prizes from the coin platform. You can also get coin from sites like Binance.